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a place for all Starchetype Cosmic Adventurers hosted by Saoirse Clare, The Starseed Coach!

About Saoirse Clare, The Starseed Coach

Hi! I’m Saoirse Clare, and I’m a Starseed on a mission to help you uncover what serves you, what motivates you, which relationships help unleash your mojo, and whether you’re living your life with true intention as a co-creator with the universe.

When I was 27, I lost my Dad to brain cancer. When I was 28, my husband suddenly passed in a tragic helicopter accident. My life was broken into so many pieces, and just when I thought lightning couldn’t strike three times in one place, it did:

I had a spiritual awakening.

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Join The Starseed Collective

✨Whether you’ve stumbled upon this group, or you’ve been invited, you heard the call and you responded - that’s step one!

You’ve been brought here because the purpose of your time on Earth goes beyond the physical...the universe is moving to tell you to awaken from your mortal shell and embrace new planes of existence. Ominous? Not at all. Here’s the secret: you've already chosen to live your soul's purpose in this lifetime; you are a Starseed.

What brings us all together? Well, the shared experience between all of us in this group is the life-changing, often traumatic, journey of learning how to be "human" that we have faced, are facing, or are about to face. This marks the start of the narrative of your awakening. This is the manifestation-- no, actualization-- of fully connecting to the consciousness that sits within your mortal vessel.

🌀Why has the universe chosen you, and what are you actualizing?

💌Learn about the message the multiverse is sending you. Manifest and continually deliver the purpose handed to you as a Starseed through learning your Starseed Archetype (or Starchetype™️) for short.

Your Starchetype–one of twelve unique cosmic soul imprints–serves as confirmation that you are part of a movement powered by the infinite energy of the universe, which encapsulates our shared goal of ascending humanity into a higher-frequency plane.

Of course, just as the twelve imprints are diverse in their talents, not everyone’s purpose is the same. By joining this community, you acknowledge that learning how to work with your Starchetype's unique gifts allows for others to walk the same shared path. From there, we will further harness your specific abilities to ensure clarity and consistent delivery of your purpose.

♾Inside of this energetic container, we give ourselves permission to walk into the cosmic mystery. Here, you can connect with your fellow Starseeds and learn that your individual experiences may be diverse and rare, but never alone.

The time is now to make and be the change.

Come uncover your true calling. Enhance your journey and accelerate your awakening by participating in workshops and activations built around frameworks focused on harnessing the true you. You’ve been ready to make this leap. Explore the Starseed family, and embrace your Starchetype.

We’ve been waiting for you 💕💫

A Big Thanks

To The Collective (our amazing community): Thank you for your support of The Starseed Coach and brand, and everything that we stand for. For your positivity, and love of one another 💕 this community would not be what it is today, without you all supporting each other like you do 💫

To The Starseed Coach Team: Thank you for working together so seamlessly in the continuation and evolution of The Starseed Coach brand. Thank you for being a team where with all of our unique personalities & talents - we can come together to help amazing individuals to the moon and back 💕🌟

To our Fearless Leader, The Starseed Coach: Saoirse Clare - Thank you for being the Matriarch of the brand, a welcome wealth of knowledge, and for being brave enough to help pioneer the way for new Starseeds ascension process. Most of all thank you for being personable, and a genuine mentor to those who look to you for guidance 💖✨